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How October Jones Passes Time on the Train

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Best bits of the episode :) Because of the Corgi, obviously! :P


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The Conservatory at Greystone (Saint Helena, CA) - My dinner experience here at the Conservatory has vastly exceeded my expectation. Not to be confused with the Wine Spectator Greystone restaurant in the main building, this new addition to the academy offers a very different experience. The prix fixe menu is strictly farm-to-table. The 6 course dinner features only seasonal ingredients that were farmed and harvested by the student chefs themselves. 

Conservatory dining room is quite intimate. There were no bar area and only a handful of tables. The restaurant only open for weekend dinners therefore reservation is a must. Dinner was a fine dining affair as opposite to the upscale casual setting at the Wine Spectator. Service was good and sincere although some of the student servers still need to review their table setting guide.

Everything I have had that night was outstanding. Every dish was well put together and the wine pairing worked wonderfully. With a modest $65 price tag, dinner here is really a steal. I bet a lot of people would be more than happy to pay 2 or 3 times more for a meal of this quality. Look for a good place to celebrate your next special occasion that wouldn’t break your bank? You are looking at the right place.


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Musings at the library

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a fulfilling quarter, since I usually have some form of plan everyday besides class. It’s rather weird, since usually I felt like I lived in a rather small world where most of the time was either spent at home or sitting in a cafe by myself. Now there is usually someone sitting there with me at Perks or Peets, so I guess I’ve gotten a step ahead in terms of the friendship division I’d been avoiding and lacking in expertise for the longest time. As my friend has described my change since this school year, I’ve obviously started “doing sales”, or talking to more people and being more outgoing (or trying). Basically trying to sell myself in the market, in the words of my friend who likes to analyze people. Its an important skill set especially for someone who will be going out into the business world, I think, the skill of being liked and connecting with a lot of people. So far I give myself a C+ for effort, but at least I try…

I think its true that I believe people too much and get attached way too easily at an early stage. I wish I was better at social maneuvering, or the push and pull of relationships between people. But then again, what can you do if you can’t believe anyone in this world? The world needs a number of fools full of love.

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Very British Problems (x)

i can relate to every single one of these oh dear

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boba boba ( by  rawrzuhlind)

boba boba ( by  rawrzuhlind)

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